Weekly Reflection

Weekly Round Up

It has been a productive week here at LCS.  Here’s a snapshot of our activities:


  • Conducted site compliance inspections.
  • Provided a team project BREEAM update.


  • Completed the final day of the SMSTS course.  All delegates passed, marking an excellent achievement for both the participants and our team.
  • Performed more site compliance inspections in London, Reading, and Southampton.


  • Kicked off Day 1 of the SSSTS training course for site supervisors with an engaging and stimulating group.  Commute on our e-bike, e-bee.
  • Conducted site compliance inspections at the historic walls of Southampton.
  • Received new of a successful SMAS renewal for a client.


  • Successfully completed Day 2 of the SSSTS training course, during which the Ninja Principle was born!  Another trip out for e-bee, our electric Brompton folding bike.
  • Provided CDM support for another client.


  • Carried out site compliance inspections in Winchester and Chichester.
  • Planned H&S File activities to assist a client in managing and maintaining their buildings, infrastructure, and systems.

What Have We Learned?

  • Training Energises:   Invigorated and motivated by our delegates, sparking thought-provoking discussions.
  • Passion for Construction:  Our love for construction continues to drive our efforts.
  • Dedication to Excellence:  The hard work and dedication of our client’s teams are evident in the positive outcomes of the compliance inspections.

What’s Next?

  • Rest:  Take some well-deserved rest.
  • Review and Improve:  Evaluate our team’s performance to identify areas for improvement, enhancing our practices for the benefit of both our team and clients.
  • Celebrate:  Acknowledge and celebrate our achievements.

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