Southampton Heritage Asset Repair Program

Health & Safety

Project Overview

  • Southampton City Council initiated the Heritage Asset Repair Programme to address deterioration in medieval walls and structures, ensuring preservation and public safety.
  • Phase 1 targeted high-risk elements and has been successfully completed.
  • Phase 2 has commenced, targeting 30 locations across the city, including Bargate, Holy Rood Church, Castle Hall, Town Walls, Canute’s Palace, Watergate, Round Tower, and Conduit House.

Project Team

  • Pritchard Architects is conducting survey work alongside Historic England and AtkinsRealIs.
  • Jeremy Lineham is the project manager from AtkinsRealIs.
  • LCS Project Solutions Ltd has been appointed as CDM advisors, supporting AtkinsRealIs as Principal Designer.
  • PAYE Stonework & Restoration Ltd has been appointed as the Principal Contractor

Risk Management

  • LCS Project Solutions Ltd is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 throughout the design and construction phases.
  • Site inspections are a critical aspect of their role.
  • Effective collaboration amongst the team helped to bring about even more robust risk management processes.
  • Engaging with the stonemasons and understanding the impact of client decisions and Historic England’s conditions has been invaluable for future projects.

The project team has demonstrated a proactive approach to risk management, effective communication, and a commitment to preserving Southampton’s remarkable medieval heritage.

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