CITB – Quality and Standards SSP Observation Audit Report

Training & Mentoring

Extract from a quality standards observation of Lee following an unannounced visit by a CITB auditor to the SSSTS Refresher course hosted by HCS Safety on 29th May 2024.

The trainer was explaining the risk assessments and there was good interaction with the delegates, there was questions being asked by the delegates and this was sufficiently answered by the trainer. OBSERVATION – the trainer also answered follow up questions without deviating from the main presentation, this is good practice. The trainer then gave the delegates a group exercise.

The trainer corrected one of the delegates by demonstrating the answer with context rather than just explain the answer.

The SQC asked the trainer to take a break and the SQC engaged with the delegates.  They were very complimentary about the delivery and the style delivered by Lee.

The sessions was good. The trainer demonstrated a good range of practical skills as well good interaction with the delegates, the eliciting of information was natural and clear. The pacing was set at the tempo and there no lulls or silences. I found this be an enjoyable session which fully meets our requirements. There are no actions going forward.

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