Becoming a Ninja!

Training & Mentoring
Lately, I have been thinking about the journey of skill acquisition and mastery.  Picture it as navigating within boundaries represented by boxes; these confines outline expected behaviours and actions. When we are novices, these boundaries are rigid, serving to protect us from harm, both to ourselves and others, and to preserve our fledgling confidence.
Yet, as we hone our skills through training, practice, and inevitable failure, these boundaries begin to loosen. We become proficient, and it is essential for these boundaries to expand accordingly. Constraint at this stage only breeds disillusionment. Eventually, we reach what one might metaphorically call “Ninja status” — mastery. At this level, we are not just skilled; we are adept problem solvers, capable of thinking creatively and innovatively.
Here’s the crucial part: boundaries become hindrances to creativity. As masters, we must not be constrained by them. Instead, we should use our knowledge and wisdom to lead and inspire others, sharing our expertise freely. This is the essence of true mastery — the ability to transcend limitations and empower others to do the same.

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