A Week with LCS Project Solutions!

Weekly Round Up

Welcome to this week’s weekly round up!

What have we done?

A good week carrying out site compliance inspections.  Meeting site teams to identify possible threats and opportunities together with proposing solutions for corrective and preventive action.  Continuation with project BREEAM evidence gathering and the development of BREEAM gap analysis for 3 new client projects.  Continuation of ISO compliant management systems with discussions as to forming a working group to assist with the development and implementation of the systems.  Delivering SMSTS training for one of our partners.  Attendance at two site progress meetings, one where we are acting as the Employers agent and the other where we provide CDM support to the design team and client.  To end the week, we crossed the water for a planning meeting regarding assisting a client with the development of H&S files for a green energy and farming project.

Lee also attended the final Diversity & Impact Program event at the University of Bath Faculty of Engineering & Design, to celebrate the achievements of the winning and runner up teams in the Beyond Boundaries Engineering Challenge 2024 competition.  Lee is proud to have been involved in mentoring the next generation of Engineers at the Faculty.

What have we learned?

Much!  Relationships with our clients and their staff is key to our ethos of partnering to ensure we provide the best possible service.  Young engineers are inspirational.  Their drive and passion for developing societal needs is to be applauded.

What is next?

A busy week ahead developing systems for our clients using the knowledge and insights gained from previous interactions.  Alongside the continuing support offered to our clients, we shall of course be continuing to develop our own practices and services.

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