Sustainable Construction

Environmental Management

Today, we have been on-site with Ascia Construction Ltd at their project in Fareham, where Ascia are transforming an old restaurant into a Child Development Centre.  This project presents unique challenges, given its location in the town centre and the need to utilise the entire footprint for construction.  As a solution, the temporary site accommodation has been constructed on a gantry over the public footpath.

The transformation of a restaurant into a modern health facility involves a comprehensive works, including soundproofing, the installation of a lift, new windows, partitions, roof coverings, and the integration of solar panels.  Moreover, achieving a high BREEAM rating adds another layer of complexity to the project.  With a target rating of “very good,” meticulous attention is being paid to every detail.

We are deeply engaged in assisting our client in managing the site’s BREEAM requirements to ensure the ambitious target is met.  We are  thrilled to announce that Ascia Construction Ltd has entrusted us with assisting on three additional projects, further solidifying our commitment to sustainability and excellence in construction practices.  Thank you team Ascia.

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